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September 27 - October 3

Monday, September 27, 2021

La Capella
Martin Vitaliti: Ampo, book presentation
Monday, September 27, 19 h

C/ Hospital, 56. 08001  Barcelona, map

Ona Llibres
Presentation of books with their authors. This week: Carlota Gurt, Montse Barderi, Joan Lluís Lluís, Tània Justé
Monday, September 27 until Thursday, September 30, prior registration
Agenda Ona Llibres

Pau Claris 94, 08010 Barcelona, map

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Llibreria Finestres
Meetings with authors. This week: Joaquín Reyes, Kristen Ghoodsee, Arnau Pons and Martí Ollé. Vermut versado with Meritxell Cucurella-Jorba and Jaume C. Pons Alorda
More information and registrations

Carrer Diputació 249, map

Fabra i Coats. Centre d’Art Contemporani
Cohabitar la belleza, seminar by Oriol Fontdevila
Tuesday, September 28 to Thursday, September  30, 17- 20:00 h
Information and registrations

C/ Sant Adrià, 20. 08030  Barcelona, map

Sol in leone by Annäelle Vanel
Tuesday, September 28, 18-21 h
More information

Carrer Creu dels Molers, 15. 08004 Barcelona. Map

Showtimes September 28 – October 3

Calle de Béjar 53, 08014 Barcelona, map

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Showtimes, September 28  – October 3 

Plaça de Salvador Seguí 1-9, 08001 Barcelona, map

Salud, presentation of the issue #6 of the magazine  5W
Tuesday, September 28, 19 h
Information and registrations

Montalegre, 5.08001 Barcelona mapa

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Librería Byron
Presentations of books with their authors
Information and registrations

Casanova, 32, 08011 Barcelona, map

Teatre Biblioteca de Catalunya / LaPerla29 
From Wednesday, September 29 until October 24, 20 h
Information and tickets

Hospital, 59. 08001 Barcelona. Map

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fundación Suñol
ACTO 3: Veinte rostros y tres multitudes
Opening. More information
Thursday, September 30, from 17 to 20  h

C/ Mejía Lequerica, 14. 08028 Barcelona, map

Orthopedia corporatio, by Marina Mascarell Thursday, September 30 – Sunday, Ocotber 3 Information and tickets

Carrer Lleida, 54. 08004 Barcelona map

Casa Elizalde
Llibert Unplugged by Cia Les Llibertàries
Thursday, September 30, 20 h
Information and booking

Carrer València, 302, 08009 Barcelona, map

Antic Teatre
Últimos 3 estudios, with Irene G. Ontiveiros, Claudia Rubio, Marc Soler
Thursday, September 30 until Sunday, October 3, 20h
Information and tickets

Carrer Verdaguer i Callís, 12, 08003 Barcelona, map

Dijous d’imprescindibles-Cines Verdi
Paris, Texas  (USA, 1984) by Wim Wenders
Screenings: Thursday, September 23, 11.30h and 20.40 h
Dijous d’imprescindibles

Verdi, Carrer de Verdi 32, 0812 Barcelona, map

Friday, October 1, 2021

Assombro / Fantôme Méchant by Ana Rita Teodoro
Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2. 20:30 h
Information and tickets 

Carrer Vila i Vilà, 67. 08004 Barcelona. Map

Saturday, October 2, 2021

¿Cómo establecer relaciones de parentesco con el resto de las especies?, conversation with Clara Piazuelo and Eloïsa Matheu
Saturday, October 2, 11-13:30 h
Information and registrations

Montalegre, 5.08001 Barcelona map

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Siempre, siempre, performative presentation by nyamnyam, Carme Torrent and Blanca Callén
Sunday, October 3, 18 h
Information and tickets

Montalegre, 5.08001 Barcelona map


Cover photo: Solaris (1972) by Andrej Taskovski, screening this week at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.


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