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31 October 2023

A*LIVE II 2023: “Cortical” | Sevi Iko Domochevsky + Daniel Benza · La (2) de Apolo

Second part of the 10th edition of A*LIVE, the public program in the form of a multi-layered and transversal event. A*DESK presents the speculative audiovisual show Cortical with Sevi Iko Domochevsky + Daniel Benza on 7/11 2023 at 9pm at La (2) de Apolo in Barcelona.


As a continuation of this year’s proposal for A*LIVE 2023, this second part presents Cortical an immersive show that fuses audiovisuals with music, scenography and narrative. Cortical is an unprecedented and innovative project, multidisciplinary in nature, which is ideally suited to explore the central theme of the relationship between humanity and technology.

The piece provides a cohesive experience that gives continuity to the first part of A*LIVE: Suppression. It explores the interaction between humanity and technology, addressing technological aspects and speculative universes.

Cortical is a live performance infused with music, visuals, set design, and narrative crafted through the collaboration of Daniel Benza (1996) and Sevi Iko Domochevsky (1988), two creative minds rooted in the vibrant cultural scene of Barcelona.


The conceptual core of Cortical immerses the viewer in a future devoid of human essence, where artificial intelligences roam unrestrained, engaging in bold experimentation that gives rise to corrupt and extravagant forms of life.


This dystopian scenario unfolds in the creation of a paradoxical order, emerging from the shadows of chaos. In the sonic realm, Cortical embraces the textures of noise/experimental and industrial, merging this exploration with a perspective centered on club music.

Meticulous attention to percussive elements stands out, achieving a delicate balance between the simplicity of minimalism and the exuberance of maximalism.

The Cortical show presents itself as an immersion in live performance through the use of modular synthesizers, transcending conventional barriers between artist and audience. It’s a sensory journey, an invitation to explore the intersection of dimensions where music becomes the narrative of a future that challenges the imagination.”

Sevi Iko Domochevsky and Daniel Benza


Based in Barcelona, Sevi Iko Domochevsky (1988) and Daniel Benza (1996) are accomplished multidisciplinary artists specialising in music production, CGI and VFX.

With a persistent focus on the electronic music scene and previous performances at festivals such as Sonar, Primavera Sound, Atonal Berlin, Unsound Krakow or Lunchmeat Prague, they have amassed a list of top industry collaborators such as Skrillex, Arca, Grimes, Holly Herndon, Shapednoise. or Aho Ssan.

They also participate in the Rally 5G collective, a hyper-accelerationist group that seeks to redefine the club experience by bringing carefully crafted extreme and delirious sound experiences to the dancefloor, including artists such as Carlos Saez, Diego Navarro and Marco Henri.

Cortical, November 7th, at 9 pm (8 pm opening doors) at La (2) de  Apolo, Barcelona. Get the tickets here.

Cortical is an event organized by A*DESK at Sala Apolo de Barcelona, and is part of the parallel events of the 2023 edition of MIRA Festival.

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