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25 July 2022
This month's topic: Art and fictionResident Editor: Ana Llurba
From Transformism to Transformation: Fury, Blood and Lava

The Fury: (read me if you want)

Raisa Maudit, film still «The Vampire Manifesto», video 2022

I figure in each of the beings that will inevitably consume everything, that give themselves over to uncertainty through speed. I burn, freeze, run, fly, get high, grab, rip and make you happy. A diffuse mass, both solid and glutinous at the same time, I pass through your entrails and force you to look at me. You have to look at me or I will take you without permission. You fear this will happen because there are many times that you have been taken against your will, with pain and violence, in silence and with condescension.

You fear me, prey to your confusion and your repression. You don’t want to feel possessed but you also don’t want to assume that you are also me, that we have created each other, that I will never leave. I am dangerous, but only if you don’t accept me, if you don’t look inside and remember… Remember, remember me.

I yell at you daily but you can’t remember when I first did it because you don’t want to look at your wounds. You’re scared to death and that’s our common enemy. It’s not me, it’s fear, inaction, passivity and shame. You fear me because when you deny me I make you feel strange and you think that you generate that in those whom you meet. You don’t want to be me because deep down you want to be hidden, without looking or feeling, behind thousands of masks. You think you do Transformism but what you’re doing is raping yourself more than they’ve ever raped you before. A girl hiding in a dark garage. You have to let me out or I will destroy you by destroying the love around you.

Let love die. My rise and fall are related to my assimilation and dissimilation. In my decadence I have personified Tyranny and Heroism, Absolutism crying out for Freedom, but in my splendor I am the engine that produces Action, Defense, Revolution and Love. Remember, remember me…

So, finally you look at me. Do you feel that? Do you notice how there is no longer any inner noise? It’s me, I’m already you. There is no more pain, no more fear. Words, judgments and prejudices no longer matter, nor the constant question of who you are, nor what anyone or anything can do to you. I am here and you are no longer alone. Transformism becomes Transformation and fear is now only part of those who haven’t met me yet, because they don’t want to know me, because they want me to destroy them, little by little from the inside before looking into the abyss. They don’t want to look at the wounds, at the cracks. But now that we are All, we can begin to do what we have come to do.

Change Everything.

Let love die, let Love live. I burn, freeze, run, fly, get high, grab, rip and make you happy.

The Blood: (look at me if you want)

Raisa Maudit, film still «The Vampire Manifesto», video 2022

Speak my language. I am one of many. I am made up of many. You find me inside everything that is alive and all that isn’t.

When people talk about me, there are many who think that I exist only in some people, in those that they consider most important. The general idea is that I am red and liquid, but not necessarily. The hemoglobin that I contain in the erythrocytes of my tissue transports the oxygen that gives me a crimson quality, but in others I have hemolymphin and am transparent. It is the oxygen outside of me that turns my color yellow, green, black. I am not always fluid, I transmute into different consistencies. I sprout from wounds but I also heal them. I am transubstantiation and contagion. I’m in the iron dagger you use to stab and also on it after stabbing. I am mutable, I am multiple, and I am here to go from being a characteristic to a Being.

For many I am repulsion, for others I am like gold, able to change a life or death situation. For some, I am the fear of discovering in them their own death. For others I am immortality itself. But how can this be if I am in all of them and I am composed of many? I flow, I congeals, they breathe me, they ingest me, they cook me, they study me, they analyze me. But it is I who make you aware that you exist and that we can be in many, be everyone, be beyond the individual. I am multitudes. What could be more terrible than a self-aware crowd, born from a wound and which heals wounds! Such important work has been entrusted to us! From my danger and my virtue is born putrefaction, I accelerate processes of the intermediate state, and bring immortality beyond the individual. The greater sum of a life summarizes its precedents and guides the following ones. I grow over time, in constant transformation, by accumulated inheritance. After me will come many more that contain me and the contagion and The Transformation, The Death and The Creation, will continue. We work for all those who are yet to come.

And they will come.

The Lava: (listen to me if you want)

Raisa Maudit, photograph of the first day of the eruption of the “Sin Nombre” volcano in Cumbre Vieja taken by my father from his window, 2021

Here intelligence and wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which I sit. Exactly as predicted. Once the wounds have been recognized, the collective voice has been assumed, the authentic Transformation begins. I come from a long thread like a red river across an ocean. I am a beast, but a sharp Beast. To know me you have to look back and accept what will come. I am in the stories that have not been written, and also in the prophecies. They can predict me, if they have intelligence and wisdom, or if they have science and academia. However it may be, when I come, they will only be able to predict me within a tiny margin of time. A dry sound, a silence, a tremor and then me. And then I surge with the full force of The Fury and the pressure of The Blood gushing out uncontrollably. I rewrite History, and erase History. In my path I destroy what I find, matter, memories, expectations and everything you took for granted, to create another completely different world. I am feared because I am the Beast that I was and is no longer and I am heading to my ruin. My goal is to explode and create a new Earth. Meanwhile, I will run and affect all the lives of all those I come across and those who observe me from a distance. I will bring pain, but only for a limited time. My time is circular, but pain does have a certain durability. After that, in the shadow of basalt, life will grow stronger than before and the ashes that bury everything will fertilize the crops whose fruits will be eaten, entering all bodies. I am a beast, but a sharp Beast. If before they feared me: Oh! Now they will truly fear me!

* * * * * *

To you who read this without knowing what you were reading, you were already warned: here is the meaning of everything we have been and will be, of everything we do on all planes. Many unmentioned processes and references are hidden in these lines, for here there is wisdom and intelligence to perdition, from philosophy, science, theology, music, literature, art, and above all, a Transformism that has become Transformation. It’s up to you to decode it.

If before you feared us, now truly fear us.


[ Featured image: Details sculptural installation Dejarse Morir, Raisa Maudit, 2021]

My name is Raisa Maudit, I was born on an island in the middle of an ocean, and I live in a polluted city in the middle of a plateau. I am an artist, I have been directing since 2014 an independent creative space called Storm And Drunk, also curating things in private spaces, institutions and unspeakable places, always as a part of my artistic practice. I like things that seem simple but are not simple at all, and I deeply detest rules and laws. I am motivated by everything that surrounds dissent, from politics to the occult. I am not afraid of death, and a philo-fascist professor of Spanish History told me one day in my adolescence that I hope I never have a position of power. She was not wrong. May the Apocalypse come and find me opening the door to the Leviathan.

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