A*DESK has been offering since 2002 contents about criticism and contemporary art. A*DESK has become consolidated thanks to all those who have believed in the project, all those who have followed us, debating, participating and collaborating. Many people have collaborated with A*DESK, and continue to do so. Their efforts, knowledge and belief in the project are what make it grow internationally. At A*DESK we have also generated work for over one hundred professionals in culture, from small collaborations with reviews and classes, to more prolonged and intense collaborations.

At A*DESK we believe in the need for free and universal access to culture and knowledge. We want to carry on being independent, remaining open to more ideas and opinions. If you believe in A*DESK, we need your backing to be able to continue. You can now participate in the project by supporting it. You can choose how much you want to contribute to the project.

You can decide how much you want to bring to the project.

A*DESK + Concèntric present the show “A*LIVE” at La Capella

A*LIVE is public program in the form of an expanded format multi-layered event created by A*DESK in 2010. Since then ten editions has been presented, always in collaboration with different artistic and cultural institutions. On January 24, the exhibition “A*LIVE” opens, where we present the videos of the last three editions:


A*LIVE_L’Inesperat (in collaboration with the CCCB and streamed live on 11/12/2020)

A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion (in collaboration with Hangar and broadcasted on 26/12/2021)

A*LIVE R-evolución adolescente: entre el meme y el drama (in collaboration with la Virreina. Centre de la Imatge, presented to a live audience on 21/9/2022)

El Palomar will activate the A*LIVE exhibition with a musical session from their new album “There must be justice”, Tuesday, January 24, at 8:00 p.m.


A*LIVE: Teen R-evolution: between meme and drama

The 9th edition presents a series of artistic and cultural proposals that revolve around adolescence as a time of transition, change, construction of identity, personality and position in relation to the world, and that highlight the conflict that we live day by day and that digitalization only exacerbates.

A*LIVE 2022, Teen R-evolution counts on  Fito Conesa and Alba Rihe as a masters of ceremonies; with audiovisual works by Jonas Trueba, Violeta Mayoral, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch; the cultural theorists Federica Matelli (in conversation with Montse Badia) and Toni Navarro (in conversation with María Muñoz), and the musician Robert Lippok.


A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion

In the eighth edition of A*LIVE and second pandemic year, we present an expanded and performative digital format with Fito Conesa and Mery Cuesta as masters of ceremony and catalysts for a series of artist audiovisual collaborations that revolve around the notion of implosion.

The participant artists —in order or implosion— are: Hito Steyerl, Nuria Güell, Andreas M. Kaufmann, Tabita Rezaire, Eli Cortiñas, Eloy Fernández Porta, Robert Lippok, Siddaharth Gautam Singh.


A*LIVE_L’Inesperat: A Space Opera

The seventh edition of A*LIVE, the public program of A*DESK consists of a debate, with a streaming television format. On this occasion, it is an expanded and performative digital format with Fito Conesa and Mery Cuesta as masters of ceremony and catalysts for a series of collaborations (audiovisual and textual) that revolve around the notion of the unexpected.

The list of collaborators includes Pilar Cruz, Paco Chanivet, Anna Dot, El Palomar, Pere Faura, Carolina Jiménez, Momu & No Es, Carlos Saez, Lorenzo Sandoval e Ian Waelder. 

The exhibition can be visited from January 24 to February 26, 2023 at La Capella


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