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Seminars and laboratory sessions


The practice and analysis of processes of mediation between art and society

The second itinerary in the Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013, Scenarios for mediation, incorporates a series of seminar sessions where a series of invited agents will present practical cases, in order to focus on the differentiation between the processes with which cultural mediation is developed today, as well as the different ways in which creative processes relate to different contexts and social structures. Cases will be looked at where mediation is developed by different public institutions, private organisations, and in relation to social movements, as well as different modes used to develop mediation, be it by incorporating reflexion and the production of discourse as aspects that are consubstantial to the process, or by establishing collaborative working frameworks between agents of different profiles and with transdisciplinary processes.

The laboratory sessions enable participants to negotiate the development of a project, that based on the practice and analysis of cultural mediation can be presented publicly at the end of the itinerary. In this sense the very act of opening an experimental proposal to a diverse public will be used as an opportunity to extend the processes of reflection surrounding the significance of mediating cultural processes and the implications involved. To facilitate this the process will be tutored by different agents linked to A*Desk.

Seminar programme:

06.02.2013: Jorge Luís Marzo. Art historian, exhibition curator, writer and lecturer

12.02. 2013: María Mur. Director of Consonni, producer of art projects.

13.02.2013: Laurence Rassel, Director of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Visit to the foundation.

20.02.2013: Antoni Abad. Multimedia artist. Instigator of

12.03.2013: Sílvia Dauder. Director of ProjecteSD. Gallery visit.

13.03.2013: LaFundició. Cooperative made up of Mariló Fernández, Francisco Rubio and Luca Rullo. Projects at the crossroads between art practices and education.

14. 03. 2013: Marcelo Expósito. Artist, who has worked as a critical theorist, curator, lecturer and translator. A member of the collective Universidad Nómada.

19.03.2013: Pep Agut and Quico Peinado, coordinators of the project Els Àngels Barcelona. Gallery visit.

20.03.2013: Latitudes. Curatorial office, made up of Mariana Canepa and Max Andrews.



Practical sessions led by Oriol Fontdevila.

Tutorials with Montse Badia, Pilar Bonet, David G. Torres and Antonio Ortega.

Dates: 05.02.2013 / 14.02.2013 / 19.02.2013 / 21..02.2013 / 05.03.2013 / 06.03.2013 / 07.03.2013 / 21.03.2013 / 09.03.2013 / 10.03.2013 / 11.03.2013


Price for seminars and laboratory: 510 €.

Please consult the different itineraries within the Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013 to obtain discounts.

The Seminars and laboratory: Tools for cultural analysis and artistic research forms part of the Barcelona Study Programme of A*DESK 2012-2013 (more information here), that aims to establish an environment for continuous learning, for students and professionals, where questions relating to contemporary creation, cultural mediation –curating and education – and artistic research are reconsidered. The programme extends through until June 2013 and includes the realization of seminars, laboratories and workshops delivered by recognised professionals within different creative fields.

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Img: Pavilion from the Spanish Republic. International Exhibition of Art and Technology in Modern Life. Paris, 1937. Curated by Josep Renau.


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