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Webinar: “I’M #MYBRAND” by Cecilia Martín in collaboration with Siena Beacham

Webinar: “I’M #MYBRAND” by Cecilia Martín in collaboration with Siena Beacham



A personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you who you are. It is the way you present yourself to the world. You just need to exist, you are a brand already, whether you manage it or not. This workshop aims to guide art professionals in the definition of their personal brand and to develop a content strategy to give life to it.


Online workshop created and run by the brand strategist Cecilia Martín in collaboration with the communicologist Siena Beacham.


The aim of this project is to define the personal brand in order to increase the coherence in its expression and to promote the commitment with its professional community. The workshop will work on the following questions: What is a brand? How to define a brand? What are the strategies that can be approached to achieve personal and professional goals?


The method consists of a combination of presentations and practical activities including work sessions, peer-to-peer reviews, a collage creative activity and feedback. The workshop will be via Zoom and we will use Moral as the collaborative online workspace. The day between both sessions shall be dedicated to personal work, which will require time and dedication in order to be exhibited in the final session. The final result will be your own personal brand platform. We will help you co-create it in an interactive workbook that you will be able to use later to guide your brand.


The workshop is directed towards professional artists that want to learn more about how to develop a personal brand, gain authority, leadership, and credibility in their fields.


Hardware: Ordenador (Mac o Pc)

Software: Zoom


12 people


Monday 17th of May and Wednesday 19th of May from 17 to 19:30h.
Tuesday 18th of May, day of personal work.

Online via Zoom.


Spanish and some explanations in English.


25 €



Cecilia Martín is an expert in branding. She is specialized in the artistic and cultural sector. Cecilia is London-based, and she works internationally promoting museums, art galleries, biennials, orchestras, auditoriums, universities and promoting to break all the molds and to connect with her public. She is the Art Communication teacher in the Master of Contemporary Art provided by IL3 at Universitat de Barcelona and she has developed personal branding co-creation processes for professional artists.


Siena Beacham has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she is specialized in Spanish and more recently, she has earned a Master of Cultural Management provided by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. She is a creative communicologist and a cultural manager who intentionally chooses to tackle her job with compassion and empathy. She understands the positive power of narrative and the importance of owning a powerful branding strategy to achieve successful communication. Her mission in life is to raise diversity of voices through art worldwide in order to generate global connection, admiration, and mutual understanding.

Siena Beacham

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