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Oops! Anniversary


24 February 2013

Oops! Anniversary

Some people get cross when you forget their birthday. And others don’t even want to be reminded. But we love it, because it shows we’re still here. But this time it completely slipped our mind. A*DESK has been going for 7 years now, the first issue of what was then just an online magazine went out on 06 02 06. Many things have happened since then, aside from a few changes in appearance: 104 issues of the magazine, (first monthly, then fortnightly with A*Magazine and now twice a year as Magazine semestral) with over four hundred articles; many more in Highlights, that was first a blog and is now a publication of criticism and contemporary culture that is updated daily; courses and workshops; presentations; exhibitions; always thinking about opening up opportunities, A*DESK has provided work for several hundred people (from one-off collaborations, to the direction of projects and courses); we’re gaining readers and expanding…

Anyway, the best way to celebrate is, as always, to carry on.

Many thanks!

A*DESK is a critical platform focused on publishing, training, experimentation, communication and dissemination in relation to contemporary culture and art, which is defined by transversality. The starting point is contemporary art, because that is where we come from and this awareness allows us to go much further, to incorporate other disciplines and forms of thought in order debate issues that are relevant and urgent for understanding our present.

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