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This month's topic: Trans'


The film Cloud Atlas by the Wachowski brothers is a perfect example of a trans movie, although not in an obvious sense. The stories and characters of Cloud Atlas mix and meet up again through time, race, gender and genre.

October has been a “trans” month and not just at A*DESK. The 24 October was International Day of Action for the Depathologization of Trans, an initiative organised by the Stop Trans Pathologization campaign. And trans, as a concept and as a reality is a notion that goes far beyond gender and has to do with flowing between identities, formats, policies and languages. For some time we have known that between black and white there is an infinite number of shades and colours. Trans means dialogue, confrontation, fluidity, tolerance. The future will be trans or it will not be at all.

We started the month with a text by Irina Mutt, “Games for girls” (and everybody else) about With those we love alive, and other Porpentine games and other trans programmers, “the only aim is to manage the loss of power. Fictional stories which change the roles of the player and the formats of the writer-reader, characters trapped in situations that questions their identity (who are you?), position (where are you from?) and ability (what can you do?).”

In Istanbul of the others Rosa Lleó takes us around the 24th Biennale of Istanbul, related as a space of transit between countries, concepts, times, elements and disciplines.

This month's topic

A*DESK is a critical platform focused on publishing, training, experimentation, communication and dissemination in relation to contemporary culture and art, which is defined by transversality. The starting point is contemporary art, because that is where we come from and this awareness allows us to go much further, to incorporate other disciplines and forms of thought in order debate issues that are relevant and urgent for understanding our present.

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