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Summer School


An exploration via 7 routes that traverse spaces in Barcelona, that form an introduction to contemporary art: the processes of art production, curating, the art market, museums, self-management, up and coming art, cultural policies, projects in public spaces. Artists and cultural producers will accompany us to different spaces allowing us to observe current practices in art, in all its different facets.

These routes will be complemented with an exercise to record and document them, realised by the participants in the studio, the proposal being for the participants to generate a map that charts the state of art practices within the metropolitan area.

Course coordinator: Oriol Fontdevila, art critic and exhibition curator. This activity is included within the summer courses offered by the UB and is recognised with 1 credit for attendance and participation or 1,5 for a full academic credit towards degree studies.



Route 1: Up and Coming versus Young art.. Led by Oriol Fontdevila, art critic and curator.

Route: La Capella, Can Felipa, Sant Andreu Contemporani, Sala d’Art Jove.

Monday 8 July, morning.


Route 2: Criticism and curating at close hand. Led by Pilar Bonet, art historian and critic.

Tour: ‘Cicle Macarena’, with Estel Boada; ‘Distància’, with Alexandra Laudo; ‘Morir de Frío’, with Anna Dot; ‘Blue Seven Phenomenon’, with Sonia Fernández Pan; ‘Festival Plaga’, with Irina Mutt.

Monday 8 July, afternoon.


Route 3: Centres of Production. The profession of the artist. Led by Martí Anson, visual artist.

Tour: Hangar, Experimentem amb l’art.

Tuesday 9 July, morning.


Route 4: Redefining the role of the gallery. Possible models for the future. Led by Juan Canela and Ane Aguirre, curators and independent critics and members of Colectivo Azotea.

Tour: ADN, NoguerasBlanchard, ProjecteSD.

Tuesday 9 July, afternoon.


Route 5: Do It Yourself Initiatives. The perimeters of contemporary art. Led by Quim Packard, artist and independent curator.

Tour: Galería Alegria, Homesession, Discogràfica Famèlic, Radio Bucket.

Wednesday 10 July, morning.


Route 6: Art projects in the city. Invisibility, exceptionality and the marginalisation of artistic interventions in the public space in Barcelona of the Olympics. Led by Octavi Rofes, anthropologist.

Tour: Antoni Llena, David & Goliath; Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós, Les Pèrgoles de l’Avinguda Icària; Richard Serra, El Mur; Francesc Torres, Línia de la Verneda; Ramón Acín, Las Pajaritas.

Wednesday 10 July, afternoon.


Route 7: Brief archaeologies into art policies. Led by Jorge Luís Marzo, historian, art curator and writer.

Tour: Sala Vinçon, Dome of the Coliseum theatre, the old Sala Montcada.

Thursday 11 July, morning.


From 8 to 11 July. Morning and afternoon. 10h – 14h. / 16h – 20h.

Price: 170€

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