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“RECONOCER” [RECOGNIZE] a workshop by Tere Recarens organized by A*DESK at La Capella


Workshop conceived and taught by the artist Tere Recarens.


In this workshop, we will give importance to our intuition, in order not to lose our first impression, the idea, during the development of the project and its realization.


1st day _ This workshop will begin by presenting one or two works of each of us that suggest us to RECONOCER [RECOGNIZE]: the upside down, the unexpected, the other side, the opposite. With an approximate duration of 10 minutes. Then I would establish personalized conversations to talk about ideas similar to RECONOCER [RECOGNIZE], being the ‘contradiction’ the closest thing to the every day, to what we face day by day in any situation. In this workshop what I want is that us to become flexible in this language: there is no more surprise, and we are ready for any artistic response.

2nd day _ We will develop the concept of turning, duality, dichotomy, turning time around, sound, and body language. How to achieve the concave from the convex. Knowing the interests of each individual, what I would like is to open other approaches in each of us, ‘what we did not think’, our attitude has repercussions in each of our actions and we must be loyal and unconditional to it. It is necessary to RECONOCER [RECOGNIZE] to be daring.

Day 3 _ This last day we will present our new visions and ideas. We will interact in the presentation of each one: for there is nothing better than to discuss sincerely from the beginning. Give value to dissonances and cacophonies as a globalizing method. Maybe a group idea, an image, a logo, or an action will emerge and we can put it into practice. I will also make a brief presentation about my work in this context, thus ending this first RECONOCER [RECOGNIZE].


Creators and multifaceted people


11 people (minimum number of participants, 5 people)


Thursday 13, Friday 14 October from 4 to 7 pm, and Saturday 15 October 2022 from 11 am to 2 pm.

At La Capella. Hospital, 56. Barcelona

Activity related to the Concèntric Program of La Capella, a program of collaboration with other spaces, with special attention to the independent initiative.


Free workshop


Send CV and a selection of 10 images, accompanied by an explanation to:, indicating in the subject of the email: participation in the workshop RECONOCER [RECOGNIZE] by Tere Recarens.

Deadline for inscriptions October 7, 2022


Tere Recarens, inter-active artist based in Berlin and Barcelona. My work develops along an exploratory path. I begin by immersing myself in cultures and languages that are unfamiliar to me, before giving back to the community an ephemeral art piece that invites the viewer to become part of it. Fun, anger, and other emotional manifestations are essential in my proposals.

My work includes the practice of daily drawing or drawings of the unimaginable to the realization of physical actions, which involve challenges and exercises of integration with each place and its language. The encounters that occur during each project affect my work and modify it to blur life and art. In my ephemeral work ‘Earthquake’, the public has to walk carefully so that the glass around them does not fall and the space is modified. Without the visitor, the work is not complete. The group action ‘The river follows its course’ stretched in time as it walked with Kurds, Turks, and Europeans; artists, musicians, critics, critics, graphic artists, filmmakers, hunters, plus people joining, along two rivers threatened by the construction of several dams in Kurdistan.

From drawing to the narration. One of my latest pieces is a cardboard carpet that invites all those present to gather on it. ‘Baharestan carpet’ is an Iranian carpet and is intended to be exhibited showing its different stages of development.



Tere Recarens (Arbúcies, Girona 1967). After studying art at the Escola Massana, Barcelona, I moved to ‘Ecole d’art de Grenoble’ and then to ‘Ecole d’art Luminy Marseille’ for a master’s degree in Art. I did residencies at ‘art3’, Valence and at PS1 Studio Program Exhibition – MoMA, New York. Back in Barcelona, I divide my time between Rotterdam and Torino. In 2001 I move to Berlin and work in Estonia, China, Tibet, Mali, Brazil, Kurdistan and Iran. I exhibit internationally and am part of some museum collections.

I have been a teacher at École Supérieur d’Art Annecy Alpes. I work in education with the project ‘Postdata’ at MACBA Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona. Now I am working on an interactive project “Vivir Guadalquivir” with the group Plata in Cordoba.


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