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Webinar: “Create 3D real-time animations with Unity3D” by Lucas Gutierrez

Webinar: “Create 3D real-time animations with Unity3D” by Lucas Gutierrez

Create 3D real-time animations with Unity3D


The workshop focuses on the creation of 3D real-time animations/environments. It intends to provide technical knowledge and the dynamics of spontaneous creation using Unity3d is one of the most popular cross-platform game engines that supports 2D and 3D graphics.


The online workshop has been conceived and will be held by digital artist and industrial designer Lucas Gutierrez.


The workshop intends to provide technical knowledge and the dynamics of spontaneous creation, with techniques and tools that enable fluid and collaborative work amongst participants. focusing on visual art, generative images, real time animations and vjing techniques. It’s always good to have some initial ideas, questions, and topics that you want to experiment with during the seminar.

The workshop is divided into practical modules with specific exercises, and concludes with the realization of a presentation.

For those who don’t know it, Unity3d is one of the most popular cross-platform game engines that supports 2D and 3D graphics. Unity3d software is free to download.


To art students, tech students, artists and in general people with interest in digital audio visual creation. The workshop does not require knowledge of code or programming.


Hardware: Laptop (Mac or Pc) and a 3-button mouse

Software: Latest version of Unity installed, free download here:

OS:  Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10 // Mac OS X 10.9+


8 people


Monday 7 and Tuesday 8, December, from 18 to 20 h.

Online, through the Zoom platform.


25 €


What’s Unity? Artists using Unity

Initial ideas (Brainstorming and open lab experimentation to integrate material from different areas)

Introduction to Unity’s interface. Example projects

Camera control, setup and resolutions

Importing files

Particle system

3D builders. 3D objects, environments, material, lights, terrain…

Lighting, colour and textures

Post Processing Effects

Import/Export a package

Creating PreFabs

Animating using Unity Timeline

Compiling your Unity desktop application

Free learning resources

In class exercises (play, experiment, develop your ideas)




Lucas Gutierrez (Argentina) is a digital artist and industrial designer based in Berlin. He has been engaged in various disciplines, from lectures, workshops and audiovisual performances to video art projects focused on the new paradigms of digital culture.

Deeply involved in the remix culture and real time AV session projects in which he blends influences of different contexts – from post-work anthropology to the abstract quotes of industrial design 3D modelling. His narrative is often quoting current social fears and dystopias, but mostly using the language of colourful, chaotic metaphysics.

His most recent talks and performances were in Sonar+D, MUTEK (Argentina/Mexico), ZKM – Karlsruhe or NYU Berlin. Exhibitions at The New Infinity, Berliner Festspiele, CTM / transmediale (Berlin). Lectures at UdK Berlin and Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin in the fields of real-time visualization, spatial motion graphics and visuals.


/////// / |< ||| | ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

Weimar: Genius Loci Lab – Bauhaus university


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