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27 December 2021

A*LIVE 2021_Masters of Implosion

Exhibition in television format with online launch on youtube on December 30 at 19h

The eighth edition of A*LIVE, A*DESK’s public program, is titled Masters of Implosion and will be launched on the youtube channel A*DeskTV on December 30, 2021 at 7pm.

A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion, continuing with the online format inaugurated last year, is an unfolded and performative digital event with Fito Conesa & Mery Cuesta as masters of ceremony and catalysts of the audiovisual collaborations of the 8 artists participating in this implosive show.


This year, we have invited artists whose works connect directly with the idea of “implosion” or “imploding” from different angles and perspectives. The participating artists -in order or implosion- are: Hito Steyerl with his piece How not to be seen (2013); Nuria Güell with La banalidad del bien (2021); Andreas M. Kaufmann with Much too much (2004); Tabita Rezaire with Premium Connect (2017); Eli Cortiñas with Walls have feelings (2019); Eloy Fernández Porta with Las aventuras de Genitalia and Normativa (2021); Robert Lippok with his sound piece From universe to universe (2021) produced for the occasion and accompanied by visuals by Siddaharth Gautam Singh.

Quizá necesitemos un colapso total de la racionalidad, la aparición de un nuevo tipo de lógica o, como visualizan nuestros artistas seleccionados quizás urge un renacimiento espiritual; unas turbulencias en el ámbito de la intimidad; el superar la división organismo-espíritu-dispositivo para explorar las conexiones espirituales como redes de comunicación o las tecnologías decoloniales; un desaparecer, un camuflarse en un croma digital, un escapar; un simulacro espacial distópico de nuestro presente con objetos silenciados y suspendidos, en caída libre tras la implosión; una interpretación provocadora de la dinámica entre lo normativo y lo transgresor; o una implosión sonora que nos lleve de universo a universo.

El tándem Conesa-Cuesta entrelaza las aportaciones de los artistas colaboradores en un subtexto que conecta la emisión televisiva tal y como se concebía en los años 90 con la difusión digital de contenidos en la actualidad.

A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion takes up the idea of social implosion. For some time now, different specialists have agreed that the malaise produced by the recession, the increase in poverty, inequality and unemployment translates into a phenomenon of social implosion: people, families and groups exploding inwardly. The invited artists propose sensorial experiences that seek the climax for the final implosion, surely one of the most dignified exits to the bombardment of images, comments, crashes, viruses, algorithms, encounters and intrusions in our daily lives.

Possibly we need a total collapse of rationality, the emergence of a new kind of logic or, as our selected artists visualize, perhaps a spiritual renaissance is urgently needed; or turbulences in the realm of intimacy; maybe overcoming the organism-spirit-device division to explore spiritual connections as communication networks or decolonial technologies; why not disappearing, camouflaging in a digital chroma, and escape; if not a dystopian spatial simulation of our present with silenced and suspended objects, in free fall after implosion; surely a provocative interpretation of the dynamics between the normative and the transgressive will stimulate us; or a sound implosion that takes us from universe to universe.


The Conesa-Cuesta tandem interweaves the contributions of the collaborating artists in a subtext that connects television broadcasting as it was conceived in the 1990s with the digital dissemination of content today.

A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion

December 30, 2021, 19h on the youtube channel A*DeskTV

María Muñoz is a cultural worker and educator trained in Art History and Telecommunications Engineering, this hybridity is part of her nature. She has taught “Art History of the first half of the 20th century” at ESDI and currently teaches the subject “Art in the global context” in the Master of Cultural Management IL3 at the University of Barcelona. In addition, while living between Berlin and Barcelona, he is a regular contributor to different media, writing about art and culture and emphasising the confluence between art, society/politics and technology. He is passionate about the moving image, electronically generated music and digital media.

Portrait: Sebastian Busse 

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