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21 December 2012
Fuck crisis _ foto de Marina Vives

Maybe what follows will seem somewhat naive, but ultimately they are the thoughts that hit me each and every time I have attended a lecture or a talk, in recent times, about art, the cultural context, artistic production, the current general panorama, and even, as you will notice, or in conversations in bars, right at that very moment that we inevitably enter into the concept “crisis”. It’s not that it is a boring subject, but we’d no doubt agree that it is a persistent one, the subject of conversations, news headlines and also inevitably when we talk about the cultural panorama of our country.

Maybe it’s necessary to clarify what I understand “crisis” to mean – or at least what it might mean- far from the catastrophic idea that tips us into an “end of the world” in the style of not-quite-sure-which-day-but-soon-it-will-all-be-over, I understand that a crisis is a turning point.

I say it might seem naive, because in a certain way I’ve only just come on the scene, and in effect, I haven’t enjoyed the era of splendour that is often referred to – I’m referring to those times when grants gushed out of institutions like water from fountains, or beer from barrels -, and yes, it seems that it’s all over and we’re hung-over, but for those of us who don’t have a headache, we could save our laments and build out of what we have; without being anymore naive than knowing that it is necessary to learn from what has happened, that history isn´t written in vain, so much as we write it every day. And only with the idea that we want to write every day, can we break with the pathos that they write for us, when we lie in bed with an aspirin and can’t even lift a finger.

In all honesty I don´t know what to do with the pessimistic reviews of a past that I don’t belong to, though it has nurtured me, – maybe, and here I’m exaggerating, the only thing that touched me of that abundant era were the nappies they still gave to young couples when they started to procreate -; and no, I don’t want to seem optimistic, at least not gratuitously, but yes to claim, in the total certainty that several people really mucked it up a few years ago, that no, the world isn’t ending, so much as thankfully it’s being updated, not to go faster nor further, but yes to change direction.

We know that it’s serious, that it is a crisis, and above all a major swindle, and we also know that we don´t know if there is a cure, but above all what we don’t want to know is that we are still being swindled. I don´t want to trivialise the situation nor forgive those who have set up this whole damn business and got us into this shit, quite the contrary. In all consciousness, it’s about talking and thinking to escape the nihilism and depression that can be triggered by the end of the world, as you know it.

Caterina Almirall has only just been born into this world, but has lived in others, in similar parallel worlds, both liquid and solid. From each she has learnt something, and forgotten something else. Learning to unlearn. In all of these worlds she has been caught up in a web that interweaves everything, some call it ’art’…Entwining, unravelling, weaving and destroying this labyrinth has been her occupation in each one of these planets, and she fears that it will be the same in each of the ones to come.

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