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27 November 2023
This month's topic: Frivolous-PoliticalResident Editor: El Palomar


Beginning with theoretical approaches and with performance as a biopolitical action conceived from a queer and trans-feminist existence, as a continuous and conscious practice of genderfuck, we transgress the limits of the binomial heteronormative gender, which excludes all those who do not fit within restrictive and exclusive gender identities that do not allow for the multiple existences, experiences and identities that pass through us.

We see ourselves as the antithesis of identity discourse. We are an aberration, abominable queer monsters united by contempt for the imposition of social norms, which places us in non-place, as non-citizenship, without rights, without presence, denied a place in collective queerstory/memory.

We are Soldat ohne Namen,[1]Der Soldat ohne Namen was the anti-nazi organization created by Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore during the German occupation on the island of Jersey during World War II. Disguised as old ladies, they … Continue reading asocial rebels and revolutionary dreamers at the service of the self-defensive urban guerrillas and contestation. To exist and resist, we use tactics of sexual destruction and poetic terrorism, we carry out unproductive vandalism and the provocation of non-living people, tourists and defenders of good taste and the moral values of the national-catholicism of this rancid country. Enlightened libertines fuck, masturbate, suck, piss and squeeze their experiences and desires into the very same spaces as Genet and his hustlers, a continuum of kinky, marginalized and repulsive bodies lying down in corners.

Libertines[2]In the original text, ‘crápula’ has been translated with an approximation to ‘libertine.’ ‘Crápula’ encompasses the meanings of a ‘libertine person,’ … Continue reading revisit, rewrite and reincarnate revolutionary actions of the past in order to update them and use them in the struggles of today, keeping alive the memory of lost symbols and the “losers” in fascist s-pain which, when located in the current space/time, embodies a dragking trans boi, Trotskyist militia, red and gay, an apparently impossible u-chronic within this s-pain of vox. It also represents the utopia, desire and possibility of a political and social reality that could have been but for which we must continue to struggle to build. In this way, we multiply symbols, images and discourses for our revolution, which will be not only socio-political but also sexual and gender-based, libertarian and libertine.

Because we, libertines and terrorists of love, like Lemebel, for the revolution, will put our asses on the line, comrade.


The libertine, from their position as lover/enemy of their own humanity, builds and destroys their own existence, a suicide but also a vitalist (illustrated) dalliance, in the literary and devout sense, overflowing with the repulsive charm of the outsider. In the literal sense, archiving and embodying, recording that wild swagger along the path of the loser who knows he is defeated, though not annihilated. Defending their uniqueness and autonomy, they oppose the homogenizing citizenship that blurs their peculiarity and absurdity.

We, libertines, dandies, transvestites, whores, locas, queers, junkies and drunks, branded as criminals by the establishment, society and its repressive forces, applaud all insults to good taste, the vomit on the mantle of normality that covers non-existence, masturbation in church confessionals, feminist provocation in stilettos and the enlightening glitter of queers.

We, libertines, legitimate bastards of Genet, seamen fetishists, models of bad living and of an existence that celebrates small deaths at every turn, we exhale life, chaos and confusion between spurts of pleasure, for we have learned to destroy ourselves for pleasure and to rebuild ourselves for love, a love that materializes in mutual support and permanent revolution, supporting and caring for each other in trenches located in the suburbs of petrosexorracial heteropatriarchal capitalist society (following the recent conceptualization made by P.B. Preciado in Dysphoria mundi).

The enlightened libertine, a necessary antihero in the comedy of our existence, knows the discomfort of our mere presence in public space and is willing to fight against the political and economic elite and the de facto powers that oppress the joyful orgasms of libertines and their lovers, indignantly and insolently yelling into the silence that erases them from history, those who knew how to live and die loving each other as women, queers, trans, whores, the poor.

Thus, those of us who have been removed from the social sphere and stripped of rights, discourse, and images in which to reflect ourselves, joyfully celebrate and embody the transvestite blowjobs in the Lyceum arcades, the swaying hips of the neighborhood whores, and the cockiness of the sailor who knows he is a fuckable fetish and a fucker of other disturbing, desiring bodies that swarm in the pissy, dark and intrepid (although increasingly less wild) streets of Raval.

We declare our opposition to heteropatriarchal sexual oppression, we are fed up with police violence and the institutional discrimination of all those who are seen as a danger to the fictitious and false social harmony, capitalist peace and the moral fascism that represses the different, disruptive, combative thoughts of someone who lives by loving, fucking, taking drugs and celebrating a life outside of a suffocating social corset or a short dog leash and muzzle.

We celebrate our predecessors, free and crazy whores, sexual and asocial dissidents, sodomites and perverts, kinky people and junkies, who lived deviance as the norm and inhabited the nameless streets of the non-place where hypocritical society lays down its ass and arteries, its blood and mouth for your enjoyment and debauchery.

Our body is a weapon to be thrown, our voices are aloud and our idea are at the service of vice and of a visceral, coherent nonconformity, claiming our place on the margins and in the cracks of the prevailing social order that wants to tame, train and repress us.

Space and memory are indissoluble, which is why, as enlightened libertines, we want to conquer the streets, squares, and dark corners, to proudly walk through them, claiming our space, without suffering oppression, violence and discrimination.

With joy and insolence.
Let’s become riot.


1. The libertine insurrection will be queer, trans-feminist, anti-fascist, anti-classist and anti-racist, towards a social and sexual, libertarian and libertine revolution.

2. Desire does not repress but is a tool of liberation. The aberrant ways of satisfying our abnormal desires crack the obligatory nature of heteronormative life and dislodge the binomial certainties of the patriarchal system.

3. Degenitalize your sexual practices in order to overthrow the phallocentric and androcentric construction of the modern Western subject that serves to create and justify a single and unquestionable truth.

4. Your body, your life, your way of fucking, will not kneel before the patriarchal system.
Our ejaculations are pure rhizome, baby.

5. We, the beings sanctioned and repudiated by the cis-tem, do not want to adhere to the norm, we are the aberration that from the edges undermines the rules of the established order and cracks the status quo of oppressive and dominant values.

6. We repudiate the assimilationism of pink capitalism, its misogyny, lesbophobia and transphobia; the homo-normativization that imposes an idealized and unreal body and gender model that does not represent us, but rather excludes and discriminates against us.

This fight is all of ours, of our bodies, lives and breath on the streets, digging the grave of capitalist heteropatriarchy and its oppressive ramifications of dissident bodies and lives.

1 Der Soldat ohne Namen was the anti-nazi organization created by Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore during the German occupation on the island of Jersey during World War II. Disguised as old ladies, they moved within the occupying forces without being identified and distributed anti-fascist and revolutionary pamphlets to the German soldiers.
2 In the original text, ‘crápula’ has been translated with an approximation to ‘libertine.’ ‘Crápula’ encompasses the meanings of a ‘libertine person,’ ‘inebriation,’ and a ‘person who lives against moral norms to satisfy their own sexual desires and fantasies.’ The etymology of the word originates from Greece, where it was used to denote drunkenness, intoxication, excess, hangover, and, in general, the effects of drugs.

Crapulismo Ilustrado is an interdisciplinary, theoretical-critical, polyhedral and expansive disturbance project activated in 2016, which investigates dissidence, sexualities and protest in all its formats and possibilities. Inspired by Jean Genet’s experiences in Barcelona’s once xino neighbourhood, now Raval, it seeks the revolutionary potential of art and situated knowledge. Through drag (king/queer) performances, it aims to be a post-pornographic utopian exercise in protest and change in sexual, political and social activism. The project includes artefacts that blend artistic creation, theory and direct political action, contributing to a mutant anarchive on the Xino neighbourhood to revitalise its collective resistance to the erasure of history and minority memories.


Portrait from the series Desembarco en el Raval, tierra firme by Crapulismo illustrated by Gabi Barriuso.

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